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About us

Nanchang WOEK Medical Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the field of minimally invasive Urology, and is committed to the scientific research, production, sales and after-sales service of small-lumen endoscope.

Guided by the R&D-based philosophy featuring “endoscope knows no bounds”, the company has been consistently executing technical innovations and has obtained nearly 30 patents. The fibre-scope that has been put into mass production by our company was granted the “Award for Achievement in Scientific and Technological Innovation and Invention in China” in 2020. With the successful marketing of the Digital endoscope series products, the company was selected as a council member of the Council of China Scientists Forum in 2021 and was awarded the title of “National High-tech Enterprise” in 2022.In 2023, as the leader of urological endoscopes in China, the company has been rated as a Specialization, refinement, distinctiveness, and noveltysmall and medium-sized enterprise.

It is the mission of WOEK to “Popularize cutting-edge technology and deliver high-quality medical care for all mankind”. In this long journey with massive responsibility, we are deeply convinced that WOEK will finally assert itself as a major player in safeguarding the health of the humankind.



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